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wrong-doing. Then we can sit down to the
question of a solution with some reasonable
prospect of finding an answer.
Now let us assume that " we " are a number
of intelligent men, German, French, English,
American, Italian, Chinese and so forth, who
have decided in consequence of the war and in
spite of the war, while the war is still going on,
to wipe out all these squabbling bygones from
our minds, and discuss plainly and simply the
, present situation of mankind. What is to be done
with the world ? Let us recapitulate the cori-
'siderations that so far have been brought into
the case and then examine where they lead us,
what other general considerations can be brought
in, and what prospects they open, if any, of some
hopeful concerted action, action that would so
revolutionise the human outlook as to end war
and that hectic recurrent waste of human life
and happiness, for ever.
Firstly then it has been made apparent that
.humanity is at the end of an age, an age of
| fragmentation in the management of its affairs,
j fragmentation     politically     among     separate
I sovereign states and economically among un-
Irestricted business organisations competing for
profit.   The abolition of distance, the enormous
increase of available power, root causes of all